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TS-1 High Accuracy Tilt Sensor

High accuracy ±0.1° industrial dual axis tilt sensor suited to earth moving and mining applications.

Designed to operate in rugged environments, the TS-1 tilt sensor reports ±180° pitch and ±90° roll to ±0.1° accuracy maintained over the full angle and temperature range.

To simplify integration, the 3-axis sensor offers the flexibility of twelve mounting orientations, and auto matching to the CANopen bus speed.

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Sensor accuracy

Angular precision:  ±0.1° over the full angle range
Resolution:  ±0.01°
Repeatability:  ±0.1°
Refresh rate:  10–100Hz, software selectable
Base sensor cycle:  5ms
Hysteresis:  ±0.1°

Measurement range

Pitch: ±180°

Roll: ±90°

Shock protection

High-level shock protection (10,000g) for survivability in harsh operating conditions.


Protocol:  CANopen


Supply voltage: 5.5 – 36VDC

Precision setting

High degree of accuracy over the full angular range, and across the full operating temperature range. Every TS-1 is fully profiled during calibration to realise maximum sensor accuracy.

Custom firmware

Engineering support available for firmware customisation to suit machine positioning systems. TS-1 supports deployment of firmware upgrade over CANbus.

Size and weight

L 155mm x W 106mm x D 30mm;
L 6.1” x W 4.17” x D 1.18”


Housing:  Steel plate

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