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NL221 4GX Cellular Router

Hard wearing and shock resistant 4GX cellular modem, suitable for use in less hostile environments with the full functionality of application upgrades such as an inbuilt NTRIP client / server.

4G/4GX LTE Category 1 Industrial IoT Router Robust, highly secure router with enhanced remote management and software development capabilities enabling bespoke applications. Telstra 4GX (band 28) provides enhanced coverage.

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NL221 4GX Cellular Router: Projects
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Designs and updates can be rapidly downloaded and the locations and status of all machines can be quickly ascertained.

The device can be set to power up whenever the earth moving equipment is started. Connection to a pre set computer is automatic. NL221 can be configured to integrate into a range of OEM remote support systems.

All machines can receive GPS corrections from a CORS network.

NL221 4GX Cellular Router: Projects


Remote connectivity to earthmoving equipment

Transmission of GPS corrections.

Monitoring equipment

Collection and analysis of data

Connection to proprietary networks

Server controlled modem application update support

Inbuilt NTRIP to serial converter

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NL221 4GX Cellular Router: Projects
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