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Access Telstra's faster network speeds and save $150 when you trade up to the T··Link 4GX

Trade in your T··Link 3G Cellular Router and receive a $150 credit towards a new T··Link 4GX.

  • Access Telstra's faster 4GX network speeds

  • Swap your old for new with no down time

  • Maintain network reliability

Offer applies for trade up of T··Link 3G Cellular Router upon purchase of T··Link 4GX Cellular router. Conditions apply. Failure to send the hardware within a specific timeframe will incur an additional charge. trade up offer valid until December 2023.

Trade up: About Us

Options to claim your trade up offer:

Option 1

Send us your 3G T··Link along with the purchase order details.

Option 2

Place a purchase order listing the serial numbers intended to be traded in. Send us your 3G T··Links separately referencing the purchase order they were ordered on within 14 days.

Trade up: Services
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